CTS Launches CDL Training

The CDL Training Center, powered by Custom Training Solutions (CTS), is a five-week program designed to generate safety-conscious drivers, while providing more than the necessary skills and training for individuals to pass a CDL driver’s license exam.

The program, authorized through the Ohio Department of Public Safety, offers the following:

  • Class-A CDL training, available in automatic or manual trucks
  • Focused classroom training, with one week of full-time instruction
  • Hands-on training, including four weeks of behind-the-wheel time
  • Small class sizes, allowing students a maximum of 40 hours behind-the-wheel instruction

An American Trucking Association Driver Shortage Report notes that in 2021, “the truck driver shortage will hit a historic
high of just over 80,000 drivers.” The Executive Summary goes on to note that “at current trends, the shortage could pass 160,000 by 2030.” The average annual salary in Ohio for tractor trailer drivers is just over $53,000, according to salary.com. “The needs for skilled and licensed truck drivers is continuing to grow, and our region’s employers are in great need of qualified individuals to help keep their businesses rolling,” said Tom Pierce, NSCC Transportation and Logistics
Coordinator. “As the Training Center gets going, we are looking forward to adding Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) and
school bus driving to the specialized areas of training we can offer,” Pierce added.

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