Course Description

An introduction of operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of a PLC controlled system. Designed for Engineering and Maintenance personnel. This 24 hour course was designed to make participants more effective troubleshoots on automated production equipment. The trainees will learn installation/replacement and how to troubleshoot the PLC hardware. A focus will also be on how to diagnose processor and I/O failures, as well as how to go Online to a unit.

Course Outline

Day 1
1. ControlLogix Hardware
2. RSLinx Software
3. RSLogix / Studio 5000 Software
4. Introduction to ControlLogix Ladder Logic
6. Programming Monitoring
7. PLC Project Files
8. PLC Logix I/O Modules
Day 2
1. ControlLogix Memory
2. Layout Processor Scan
3. Timing Instructions
4. Counting Instructions
5. MOV Instruction
6. Documenting a Project
Day 3
1. On-Line Project Changes
2. Up-Loading / Saving a Project File
3. Creating Project Tags
4. Introduction to Types
5. Searching a Project File
6.Forcing I/O in a Project File
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