Course Description

This is a 3-Day introductory course on the study of basic electrical concepts and circuits. The course will be based on Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) concepts, terminology, components, and basic series/parallel circuits. Students will learn how to calculate and measure voltage, current and resistance in a basic series and parallel circuit. Students will learn how to utilize a Digital Multi-meter (DMM) to troubleshoot components in an electrical circuit, and test stand-alone components. The students will be introduced to DC and AC relay circuits, as well as electrical symbols that will be used on electrical prints. The course will have a heavy focus on troubleshooting concepts and techniques when working with electrical circuits.

Course Outline

  1. Explain basic electrical concepts and terminology
  2. Explain the operation an application of electrical switches
  3. Explain and wire DC circuits (series and parallel)
  4. Explain and apply various types of electrical test equipment
  5. Explain and apply Alternating Current concepts
  6. Explain and apply DC & AC relays, solenoids
  7. Explain and apply voltage divider circuits
  8. Explain and apply capacitors and inductors in electrical circuits
  9. Explain and apply DC & AC types of motors
  10. Interpret basic electrical symbols and prints
  11. Explain and wire a basic electrical control Circuit
  12. Troubleshoot basic electrical components and circuits
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