Course Description

An overview of operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of a DeviceNet I/O network in a intended for Engineering and Maintenance personnel and is designed to make participants more effective troubleshooters on DeviceNet networked I/O. The trainees will learn installation/replacement and how to troubleshoot the DeviceNet hardware. A focus will also be on how to diagnose the Scanner Module and I/O failures, as well as how to go Online and commission I/O.

Course Outline

DeviceNet Hardware

  • Cabling types
  • Connection Components
  • Network Speed and Cable Length parameters
  • Network Scanner Modules

RSLinx Software

  • Identify versions of RSLinx
  • Using RSLinx with DeviceNet
  • Configuring Communication Drivers in RSLinx
  • Understanding the RSWHO screen

RSNetworx Software

  • Going ONLINE to a DeviceNet Network
  • Commissioning DeviceNet I/O
  • Understanding Node 63
  • Mapping and Interpreting TAG Memory

DeviceNet Operation & Troubleshooting

  • Block diagram operation of a DeviceNet Network
  • I/O status indicators
  • Scanner Module status indicators
  • Scanner Module Run versus Program modes
  • Interpreting DeviceNet Scanner Errors within the CLX TAG memory
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